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Social Media – Is It For You?

I was recently talking to a business owner who was lamenting slow sales, lagging revenues, and a lack of customers.  He asked me to meet with him a give him some ideas in what he might do to spark interest in

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The Art of Getting the Almighty Referral!

I recently switched car insurance companies.  The reason why was strictly due to price.  I had switched a year earlier at the request of my wife.  “One of our neighbors has become an insurance agent wouldn’t it would be nice if

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Help with Exporting.

Here is a great article if you are needing help with exporting.

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Commercial Real Estate in Peril?

Here in Boise if you driven around town lately you can’t help but notice all the CRE vacancy.  In some sub-markets here in the valley the vacancy rate has hit double digits.   More and more property owners are finding it necessary to give

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The Great Recession Vs. The Great Rebound!

This Great Recession has changed most of us and our outlook on the way we do business.  The economy has been right down hard on a lot of businesses.  In fact, many have had to thrown in the towel, but many more have survived

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Small Business Lending in a Holding Pattern?

If you do any amount of flying of the friendly skies then you know that the next most dreadful announcement you’d not want to hear next to Captain Sully Sullenberger saying “BRACE – BRACE – BRACE” is your captain telling you “I’m sorry folks but it seems

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