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Keeping Your Best Employees Part II

A business owner I used to bank years ago called me out of the blue yesterday.  He came across my blog and read the post “Keeping Your Best Employees”.  He lamented that he recently lost two employees who decided to

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All In The Family.

Here in Idaho I’ve noticed something very striking when it comes to a large number of businesses located in the “Gem State”; they have a large tendency to be a family affair.  The quintessential “Mom and Pop Shop”, and if done properly a family

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Keeping Your Best Employees.

You might wonder why I would write about keeping your best employees given the fact that unemployment is so high.  You might well think that your employees are not going anywhere; they are just happy to have a job.  If you have

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Grab the “Opportunity” Bull by the Horns.

If a great business opportunity were to come along would you be able to recognize it?  The trouble with these opportunities is that they don’t come knocking on the door.  It’s up to you to be on the lookout for them.  A successful business owner

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Online Marketing Help from Google and the SBA.

This is a great site I came across that has tutorials on how to help your business or professional website generate more web presence and how to capitalize on that additional traffic.

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You Need A Great Support Staff.

My hats off to you entrepreneurs out there.  The ones that have been able to survive this ‘Great Recession”.  However, many of these folks will be the first to tell you that they didn’t and or don’t do it alone; many will

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Making Smart Moves in a Down Economy

Difficult times often prompt businesses to batten down the hatches and pucker like they just drank a domestic beer.  They have a tendency to become too inwardly focused, risk-averse and be protective of their existing accounts.  Faced with a business downturn, they shift

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