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Hate To Lose!

Sometimes in life we encounter something that changes us, hopefully for the better.  It might have been a book, a movie or TV program; at times it can even be a song.  Let’s face it whether it is in your

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Secrets To Getting A Business Loan!

Banks are not lending!  So says the media coverage and your business owner friend down the street.  While this may be the perception out in the market place, I’ve always held to the premise that there is always a little truth in any perceived state

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“The Real Damage” The story of bad debt.

As a Business Development Officer for “The Best Business Bank In The Business” I assist people finance needs and dreams. Let me say that I love my job and the business that I’m in.  That being said I am not afraid

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The Best Investment You Can Make.

People take care of themselves by eating well, exercising, taking vacations, staying away from the sweets and fast food, and other tried and true methods of keeping healthy and strong.  When it comes to your business you may also do what you can to take

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Golfing Rules for Business.

Golfing season is in full season and the golf course is a great place to cement relationships and form new ones.  But there are hazards you want to try to avoid like that bad pot bunker.  Here are some hints

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Two Great Ideas!

I was talking with a good friend recently who had just received his third digital picture frame as a gift.  While trying to pawn off the gift to me for some extra golf money I told him to do the old fashion “re-gift”. 

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