Hate To Lose!

Sometimes in life we encounter something that changes us, hopefully for the better.  It might have been a book, a movie or TV program; at times it can even be a song.  Let’s face it whether it is in your professional of personal life we all want to get or be better.  What helped me was a piece of advice I was given some time ago, “Hate To Lose”.  Most successful business people “hate to lose” and it’s not to say that they don’t relish the win.  But they don’t focus on it, as most successful people win more often than not.    

Listen I know it sounds arrogant and childish, but if you really think about it terms of bettering yourself it will help you. Look at it this way; a person who just landed a big account, sale, promotion, or other achievement will naturally celebrate, pat him or herself on the back, look for kudos from the boss (and yes, even business owners have bosses); and then feel like they can relax and take it easy. That is the absolute worst thing you could do. If you want to reach that next level you have to get better and be better. Use that huge achievement as something to build upon; use it as confidence to go a find the next big fish, an even bigger fish.

When you “hate to lose” your not focused on the recent achievement, your focus becomes one of hard work, determination, learning and understanding, looking for additional opportunities, and seeking an advantage over your competition. When you “hate to lose” you become inwardly attuned to yourself and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. You might try to better your image, better your staff, innovative, become an expert in your field, learn more, and engage in other activities that will enhance yourself.

What if your not there, at that point where you are successful and can build on it?  Here are a few keys to consider….

  • Create momentum. Take small steps at first and build upon those.
  • Learn from your successes and failures. What made them good or bad and how can you augment them either way?
  • Get a mentor. Find someone you can learn from that can show you some insider secrets or activities that will give you the chance to find success.
  • Preserve.  Success takes time, that’s why most people don’t find it.  They want it to come easy and don’t want to put in the time and effort it takes.
  • Recognize and Repeat.  You found success or got a break, what made it happen?  What were the steps taken?  Write it down and analyze those steps and make changes where necessary.  Then “hate to lose” again and replicate that success.

Yes, when you “hate to lose” you create the conditions for further or prolonged success.  Whenever I go into a presentation, make a phone call, or meet new prospects I always think “Hate to Lose”!


Branch Manager that has worked in the small to medium sized business lending field. I have experience in all types commercial lending and I'm here to provide insights from a lender's point of view. I hope to impart some knowledge that can take your business or profession to the next level. I currently work as a Branch Manager at the 10th & Bannock Office for Banner Bank in Boise, Idaho.

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One comment on “Hate To Lose!
  1. kexter oboh says:

    This is great..nice make up and i think this is very good…more from u…keep them coming

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