Brett Favre – The Employee

I'm Back!

As of 8:54 am local time on this day of August 18 in the year of our Lord 2010 all indications point to Favre coming back to the Vikings to play another year of football.  Whether your excited or just plain old tired of the hoopla surrounding this guy something can be learned from a business perspective, keeping your best employees.

Why would the Vikings go to such great lengths to keep Favre playing at the ripe old age of 40 soon to be 41; when almost every other quarterback in the history of National Football League would have been at the local country club remembering the good old days?

1) Experience.  This guy has played and started more games than anyone at his position in the history of the NFL. 

2) Drive.  One thing that can be said for Favre is that when he does eventually find his way onto the field not many other quarterbacks in his profession are going to bring the passion and excitement that he brings. 

3) Durability.  Have you seen the amount of grey hair this guy has on his head?  Enough said.

4) Winning Attitude.  Brett Favre has seen his fair share of adversity on and off the playing field.  But the guy show some major resiliency not only to come back but to act like it never bothered him.

From a business owner perspective, do you have a Favre on your time?  Does he or she know how valuable they are to you and to the team?  Have you done your best to make sure another team doesn’t come a calling?  Are you having your Favre teach and mentor the rest of the team?  Are you willing to shower your Favre with additional praise and recognition so that the rest of your team realizes what’s in store for them if they can reach the top?

On a personal note I’m not a Favre fan, I think he is a bit overrated.  But you have to admire the qualities this guy possesses and how he continues to perform at the game called football.  To me the best quarterback to play the game was Dan Marino.

It is now 9:10 am and reports continue to say that Favre is back.


Branch Manager that has worked in the small to medium sized business lending field. I have experience in all types commercial lending and I'm here to provide insights from a lender's point of view. I hope to impart some knowledge that can take your business or profession to the next level. I currently work as a Branch Manager at the 10th & Bannock Office for Banner Bank in Boise, Idaho.

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