Love To Win!

In my short-lived and modest blogging career, the most popular post I’ve written was “Hate To Lose”.  There I explained that many successful people share a similar trait – they HATE to Lose!  If you haven’t read it before I basically explain that truly succesful win over and over again because they hate to lose more so than they like to win.

After reading that post you might well consider that this post “Love to Win” as a complete contradiction.  Not so, the reason is people are different.  The way we look at life, tackle problems, raise kids, and even how we eat our Snickers bars (forks).  For some “hate” is not a quality they’ve cultivated or choose to cultivate.  While there are many things that I have disdain for (The Patriots of the NFL and Tom Brady‘s hair) I wanted to look at the other end of the spectrum of success.

Loving to win is all about creating momentum, it’s about taking victories no matter how small and building upon them.  It’s a daily process that entails learning and repeating the process over and over so success can be sustained and new levels of success can be reached.  You have to enjoy the sweet taste of victory, remember what it taste like and form a longing for it.  It almost becomes addicting, you’ll make yourself better in any way possible to get that success rush over and over again.

So what if things were to go awry?  Loving to win means that you look over the process and see what things need to be changed in order to come to a different outcome.  I’m amazed the amount of times I’ve seen awesome ideas scraped because the desired results weren’t achieved the first time around.  When a slight adjustment or some tweaking could have meant success.  Or just the opposite happens and people continue to walk the same path that has led to failure time and time again.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!

In your line of work are there things that you do really well?  Are there processes that you have in place that work?  Is the team well oiled and high performing? Are you finding success in the economic downturn?  Can you build on any of it?  If things are not going to plan can you make adjustments? Finally, when you have a success are you building upon it and can you nurture and cultivate into different aspects of you business?  Are you throwing your hands up and loving the sensation of winning?  Fist pump to way to a long life of success.


Branch Manager that has worked in the small to medium sized business lending field. I have experience in all types commercial lending and I'm here to provide insights from a lender's point of view. I hope to impart some knowledge that can take your business or profession to the next level. I currently work as a Branch Manager at the 10th & Bannock Office for Banner Bank in Boise, Idaho.

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