The Discipline of Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline helps you to zoom past steep obstacles if your life.

People have made their resolutions for the year. Guess what, its January 3rd and a lot of people have probably already cheated on a diet, missed a workout, smoked a heater, or broken a promise to themselves.  It’s not that they didn’t want to stop smoking, stop drinking, or improve themselves in some way or another; they did, badly! The problem with most resolutions is that they are doomed to failure even before they are started.  If people want to make real changes in their lives they need to start with “self-discipline”.

When you were a child there was something about getting disciplined by your parents; the sick feeling you get in your stomach, the nervousness about the punishment, and the remorse and regret. It’s not that your parents enjoyed punishing you, it was that they had your best interests in mind. They may have seen danger in a certain course you were taking and wanted to make sure they straightened you out before it was too late.  It’s the same with self-discipline, you have to want to have your best interests in mind.  You have to like or love yourself enough to makes difficult changes, correction in behaviors, and breaking of bad habits.

To do this you need to take the initiative, no one else can do it for you. You have to value you yourself, you have to love yourself enough to over-power any outside factors that may lead or have led to unwanted behaviors. This can be easier said then done, many people are way too hard on themselves at times. It’s not that you want to be an ego-manic; you just value the outcome of your life enough to affect needed changes.

Life is like a bike, you have to keep moving or else you fall over and crash. Its the same with changes we need to make in our life. Your going to stumble from time to time.  But, if you stop you’ll crash.  You might just have to coast at first, or you may feel like your climbing up a mountain.  But, eventually you’ll gain momentum and start to blaze down the hill; then you’ll be unstoppable. If, you practice the art of self-discipline.


Branch Manager that has worked in the small to medium sized business lending field. I have experience in all types commercial lending and I'm here to provide insights from a lender's point of view. I hope to impart some knowledge that can take your business or profession to the next level. I currently work as a Branch Manager at the 10th & Bannock Office for Banner Bank in Boise, Idaho.

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One comment on “The Discipline of Self-Discipline
  1. Lance Taylor says:

    I vow never to drink Candy Cane shooters again.

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