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Protect Your Business From Fraudsters.

Financial fraud and crime hit most businesses. The most recent survey of business related fraud found that a whopping 87% of U.S. companies said they had been affected by fraud. Things seem to be getting worse; 93% of company executives

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Interesting Tidbits – September 25th 2012

Harvard Study: people who set too many goals tend to focus on hitting the ones that deliver the greatest quantity vs. the greatest quality. The key to successfully setting goals is to keep them realistic and attainable, but also specific

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Interesting Tidbits 09/18/2012

Large private equity players are behind Waypoint Real Estate Group LLC and Colony American Homes, both of which are actively buying up thousands of foreclosed homes and then renting them out. Waypoint already owns 2,200 homes so far (on its

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Interesting Tidbits – September 13, 2012

76% of consumers now have debit cards and the average active consumer debit cardholder spent $8,326 on their card in 2011, up from $7,781 in 2010. 40% of adult Americans have no life insurance whatsoever. Yet, 86% of those surveyed

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New Tool For SMB Owners From The SBA.

The SBA has launched a new tool (called SizeUp) for small business owners to allow them to do location based market research and data analysis. 

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