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Financial Tidbits 01/29/2013

Remodeling Magazine itemizes the estimated ROI for various common home remodeling projects. In order, the biggest bang for the buck when remodeling comes from  replacing an entry door (73%), followed by a minor kitchen remodel (72%); deck addition (70%); replacing

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Financial Tidbits for Wednesday January 16, 2013

American Institute of CPAs: the average allowance paid to kids of all ages is about $15 per week; 61% of parents pay an allowance and about 50% begin to do so when their child hits age 8. Good grades were

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Interesting Tidbits for 01/11/2013

Allianz Life: people aren’t very good at saving money. It found 30% say they aren’t saving any money at all, while 24% are saving some, but not as much as they could. The survey also found plenty of other weaknesses,

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Interesting Tidbits 01/02/2013

Small Biz Sale – Experts say most small businesses sell for 6 to 8 times EBITDA.   Point of Purchase Advertising International finds 76% of grocery shoppers make their purchasing decisions in-store. It seems people like to explore the isles to

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