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Financial Tidbits 02/14/2013

          Pew Research: the percentage of people who read e-books increased from 16% of all Americans ages 16 and older to 23%. At the same time, the number who read printed books in the previous 12 months fell.

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Is Your Product Or Service Generic?

Contextual conditioning is a notion in behavioral economics where people’s perceptions become reality. A good example is that of branded aspirin versus generic aspirin. It has the same chemical composition of branded aspirin and is often made by the same

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Business Plan Overview.

Over the years I’ve read many a business plan. Some really good ones and one that looked as if the person “borrowed” someone else’s and typed in their business name where applicable.  We all know that if you’re a start-up business that its important to

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Online Marketing Help from Google and the SBA.

This is a great site I came across that has tutorials on how to help your business or professional website generate more web presence and how to capitalize on that additional traffic.

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Making Smart Moves in a Down Economy

Difficult times often prompt businesses to batten down the hatches and pucker like they just drank a domestic beer.  They have a tendency to become too inwardly focused, risk-averse and be protective of their existing accounts.  Faced with a business downturn, they shift

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Social Media – Is It For You?

I was recently talking to a business owner who was lamenting slow sales, lagging revenues, and a lack of customers.  He asked me to meet with him a give him some ideas in what he might do to spark interest in

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The Art of Getting the Almighty Referral!

I recently switched car insurance companies.  The reason why was strictly due to price.  I had switched a year earlier at the request of my wife.  “One of our neighbors has become an insurance agent wouldn’t it would be nice if

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