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Financial Tidbits 02/14/2013

          Pew Research: the percentage of people who read e-books increased from 16% of all Americans ages 16 and older to 23%. At the same time, the number who read printed books in the previous 12 months fell.

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Change For The Better?

If you live long enough you’ll see change. We’ve seen the Berlin wall and the USSR fall. We’ve gone from vinyl to 8-Track to cassettes to cds to MP3 to who knows what else. We’ve gone from the brick cell phone to having smart phones that

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Leasing V. Ownership – Commercial Real Estate

Nowadays there are many things a successful small business owner or entrepreneur needs, but a physical storefront or office outside your home isn’t necessarily one of them.  The days of brick and mortar or “streetside” locations are becoming less and less of

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Why Steven Slater is a Bad Example.

Everybody has bad days. For example, mine started last night when I couldn’t get to sleep and I tossed and turned.  That lead to me needing a triple shot mocha this morning, thank you Dutch Bros. girls on Vista Avenue. 

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The Lemonade Stand: What lessons can be learned?

As a rite of passage every child in my humble opinion should have a lemonade stand.  My kids recently opened up for business and as a parent I found myself brimming with pride.  It probably has some to do with the

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Hate To Lose!

Sometimes in life we encounter something that changes us, hopefully for the better.  It might have been a book, a movie or TV program; at times it can even be a song.  Let’s face it whether it is in your

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The Best Investment You Can Make.

People take care of themselves by eating well, exercising, taking vacations, staying away from the sweets and fast food, and other tried and true methods of keeping healthy and strong.  When it comes to your business you may also do what you can to take

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