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Interesting Tidbits – September 25th 2012

Harvard Study: people who set too many goals tend to focus on hitting the ones that deliver the greatest quantity vs. the greatest quality. The key to successfully setting goals is to keep them realistic and attainable, but also specific

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New Tool For SMB Owners From The SBA.

The SBA has launched a new tool (called SizeUp) for small business owners to allow them to do location based market research and data analysis. 

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Is Your Product Or Service Generic?

Contextual conditioning is a notion in behavioral economics where people’s perceptions become reality. A good example is that of branded aspirin versus generic aspirin. It has the same chemical composition of branded aspirin and is often made by the same

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What To Blog When You Have Nothing To Blog.

They say every good writer has days when he runs out of material or inspiration.  By no means am I classifying myself as a good or even a decent writer.  However, I have run out of ideas for this blog.  I

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Economic Forecast

*Disclaimer – This blog post is solely my own opinion and does not reflect the views of my employer. Now that I got that out-of-the-way let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  I recently attended an economic forecast meeting and I thought I would briefly

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Love To Win!

In my short-lived and modest blogging career, the most popular post I’ve written was “Hate To Lose”.  There I explained that many successful people share a similar trait – they HATE to Lose!  If you haven’t read it before I basically explain that truly succesful win

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Business Plan Overview.

Over the years I’ve read many a business plan. Some really good ones and one that looked as if the person “borrowed” someone else’s and typed in their business name where applicable.  We all know that if you’re a start-up business that its important to

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