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Financial Tidbits 05/23/2013

About 56% more small business owners sold their businesses to someone else in Q1 vs. the same period last year, according to analysis by  Harvard reports home improvement spending climbed 9% in 2012 vs. the prior year. A survey

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Financial Tidbits 05/14/2013

The FDIC reports community banks hold only 14% of banking industry assets, but originate 46% of all small loans to businesses and farms in the country. RealtyTrac reports foreclosure activity in Apr. hit the lowest level in 74months, as the

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Financial Tidbits 04/17/2013

Since the start of quantitative easing #3 in Sep. 2012, the Fed has been purchasing about 60% of total mortgage backed securities available in the market. JPMorgan now projects home prices nationwide will improve 7.0% this year vs. 3.4% prior.

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Financial Tidbits 02/27/2013

Zillow reports the percentage of homeowners with negative equity (owe more on their homes than the home is worth) fell to 27.5% as of the end of 2012 vs. 31.1% at the end of the prior year (nearly 12% better).

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Interesting Tidbits 09/18/2012

Large private equity players are behind Waypoint Real Estate Group LLC and Colony American Homes, both of which are actively buying up thousands of foreclosed homes and then renting them out. Waypoint already owns 2,200 homes so far (on its

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Attention Wells Fargo Customers! PSA

Wells Fargo has increased the monthly fee for its value checking product from $5 to $7 (if customer agrees to receive only online statements) and to $9 if they want statements in the mail. Wells has made the change for

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Video Game Companies – Show Us The Money!

As summer heats up a lot kids go inside and plant themselves in front of the TV and gaming consoles or the family computer to spend their time shooting, jumping, conquering, and ganking newbs. Video game makers continue to churn

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