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Financial Tidbits 05/20/2013

 A survey by the Center for Professional Excellence of HR professionals finds 50% say most recent college graduates are not professional in their first year on the job, up from 40% who felt that way last year. Texting in meetings,

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Financial Tidbits 05/08/2013

As with a lion in Africa, a “watering hole” cyber attack refers to a process where someone profiles the victim using the kind of websites they visit, tests those websites for vulnerabilities and then stakes one out to target a

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Interesting Tidbits 01/02/2013

Small Biz Sale – Experts say most small businesses sell for 6 to 8 times EBITDA.   Point of Purchase Advertising International finds 76% of grocery shoppers make their purchasing decisions in-store. It seems people like to explore the isles to

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New Tool For SMB Owners From The SBA.

The SBA has launched a new tool (called SizeUp) for small business owners to allow them to do location based market research and data analysis. 

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